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Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Whether it is a business meeting, a conference setting or a language escort, we will provide high-level professionals to assist you with all your language needs from end to end, including interpreting equipment.

European Parliament Strasbourg Hemicycle by DAVID ILIFF / CC BY-SA 3.0


Legal and Technical Translation

We excel in …

  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Machining Centers – Flexible Lines
  • Power Generation – Turbines
  • Aeronautics – Mechanical & Flight
  • Automotive
  • Tires & Tire Litigation
  • Automotive and Aeronautical Accident Investigations
  • Oil & Gas: Exploration – “PSC” Negotiation
  • Patents
  • Business
  • General Contractual Matters
  • Legal and Immigration Documents
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Equipment

IBIS provides highly skilled resources, all graduates from some of the best and most recognized translation and interpretation schools. Our specialists will “walk you through” the process from beginning to finish.


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          * Certified documents may be subject to an additional charge.

Turnaround times are generally two business days for documents 2,500 words or less.

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